Ripples next gen 2.0 platform

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  • Natural Extracts
  • Enterprise managment
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  • Natural Extracts
  • Enterprise managment
  • Content


Memorable human interactions start with smart innovation. Ripples’ end-to-end bev-top media solution enables you to serve branded drinks that strengthen the bond with your audience. We own the technology; you own your brand.


Food Technology


Natural Extracts

A healthy, colorful approach to branding.

  • Patented pods made from natural ingredients with naturally occurring preservatives and no artificial colors.
  • Available extracts: Coffee, malt, carrot and glow.
  • Wholly-owned certified production factory.
  • Optimized to print on a variety of foams.
  • Meets strict global safety regulations.
  • Gluten-free and non-GMO.
  • 100% vegan.

Under the Hood:

The Ripple Maker II

  • Sleek design with a minimal countertop footprint.
  • Prints perfect designs in 10 seconds.
  • Adjusts to multiple cup heights and diameters.
  • Automatic cup center sensors and adjustments.
  • Network-connected device.